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Online Business Management for Service-Based Businesses
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Are you repeating things over and over again but haven’t set up a solid system for the things that you do in your business?

Ever wonder if there’s a better, more efficient way to manage and execute the day-to-day functions in your business?

Save yourself time by creating a standard of quality and consistency in your business with Standard Operating Procedures (often called SOPs) that make sense for you and your business.

SOPs are the "how-to's" of your business for EVERYTHING to help you create a consistent, high quality standard, save time, boost productivity, increase efficiency and act as training guides for their partners, employees and contractors.  


All Standard Operating Procedures are NOT created equal.  Some methods are a complete waste of time and just busy work... Who needs that?

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What you do need are systems and processes that:

==> Increase your efficiency

==> Boost your productivity

==> Save you tons of time

==> Reduce the learning curve of anyone you hire

==> Increase your quality of work

==> Boost customer and client retention

In the following areas of your business:  

1. Production and Operations: How you create and deliver your product or service.

2. Human Resources: Hiring, training, managing, evaluating, and terminating employees.

3. Communications: Communicating externally with clients and customers, and internally among employees and departments.

4. Marketing and Sales: Ads, online marketing, communications with the press, tracking sales and marketing.

5. Customer Service: Response time, delivery time, customer complaints, and reputation management.

6. Financial Operations: Transaction management, bookkeeping, and tax matters.

7. Legal Operations: Ensuring that your company is in total compliance with the law.

8. Computers and IT: Computer and internet use, as well as network security.


The Productivity BOOST SOP Kit was thoughtfully crafted with the time-starved small business owner in mind.

Hi I'm Tiffany and my goal is to create more peace, more profit and more productivity for entrepreneurs, small businesses and small corporate teams so that you get things done in less time, with less stress and less of a chaotic mess. 

Yeah, I know... sounds ridiculously optimistic but....

After working with business owners and professionals stuck in the cycle of not enough time, not enough technology, and struggling with balancing my own time after starting my business, I developed a system that helps to manage the day-to-day responsibilities that are sucking your time away while allowing you to focus on your high-impact, money generating activities, and allows you to focus on areas of improvement for your business.  

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The Productivity BOOST Standard Operating Procedures Kit includes:  

==> A short 23-page action-oriented e-book to give you the essentials of what you need to know to get started creating your SOPs the right way

==> A list of over 101 SOPs you can create for your business

==> Customizable SOP template that can be used over and over again for any SOP over the lifetime of your business

==> A Trello Board with over 101 SOPs templates that you can easily customize for your business

==> One 30-minute Consulting Session to go over the contents of the kit and answer any questions you may have about setting up your Standard Operating Procedures

Ready to Get Started?

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