Aren't you tired of trying to put all the technical and marketing pieces of the puzzle together for your business? 

There's tons of information out here about what you should do but the problem begins with not knowing how to implement it or, even worse, not having the time to implement all those ideas.  All the messages begin to become cloudy and the confusion sets in.  It's like having 99 pieces to a 100 piece puzzle but not even knowing where to start and not even realizing that you have a piece missing.  

There is a solution: 

Automate. Delegate. Create!

The Business Blueprint and Implementation Plan - $297

  • 60 Minute Strategy and Planning Session 
  • 30 Minute Follow-up Session to answer any lingering questions
  • 5 days of email support 
  • Customized Blueprint and Implementation Plan that lays out areas for improvement to increase your business productivity, profit and peace of mind through automation, delegation and creation (product, service, event or project) 
  • Trello Board to lay out all the steps needed to implement the Blueprint and Implementation Plan 
  • Walk-through video of your Trello Board, Blueprint and Implementation Plan 

The Business Boost Consulting and Tech Support Program - $997 per month

A business boosting consulting program to provide you with the support you need to streamline and automate your business in a systematic way.  A program that is customized to meet your business exactly where it is, fill in the gaps, and troubleshoot the problem areas to increase your productivity.  We'll pinpoint what you can outsource and how to outsource.  We'll set up  the areas you can deleWe'll go over. 

*Everything in Automate. Delegate. Create! Blueprint and Implementation Plan

Have me on speed dial

Unlimited email support

90 Minute Strategy and Planning Session

Weekly Consulting Sessions and Ongoing Support

Assist with questions related to the tech parts and implementation

Walkthrough videos

Detailed Instructions and Downloads

A simple plan designed Having a clear plan is the first place to start when it comes to anything in your life and also in your business.  Having a plan for how you will automate, outsource and launch anything in your business is no difference.  Not only do you need a vision and a strategy, you also need a detailed blueprint and implementation plan to lay out the steps to actually turn your vision into reality.  A blueprint also helps with organizing what to do next, staying on track and staying focused so that another year doesn't go by without connecting the dots and accomplishing your goals.  

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