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Tiffany Michelle + co.
Online Business Management for Service-Based Businesses

Boost your productivity, profit and peace of mind with automation, delegation and innovation!


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A simple solution to streamline and scale your business
without losing your money, time or sanity. 

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Hi, I'm Tiffany.

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My goal is to create more peace, more profit and more productivity for service-based businesses and professionals so that you can get things done in less time, with less stress and less of a chaotic mess. 

Yeah, I know... it sounds ridiculously optimistic but...

After working with and supporting attorneys and business executives for the past 19 years, supporting expert-level business owners since starting my business, and witnessing my mom run a successful service-based business for the past 15 years, I noticed a trend with service-based business owners.  The trend is having the passion, expertise, knowledge and skill to service clients but not having time, technology, support and innovation to scale in a way that isn't completely exhausting.  After struggling with balancing my own business, I developed a system that helps to manage your day-to-day operational responsibilities that are sucking your time away while allowing you to focus on your high-impact, money generating activities, and also allows you to focus on areas of improvement for your business so that you can acquire new clients, retain the clients you have, and create products and programs that you can leverage to create additional streams of income.  

Here's what we'll tackle in order to simplify and scale your business:    


Are there things that you do in your business over and over again? 

Are there repetitive tasks and processes that you do on a continuous basis that you know there has to be a better and more efficient way to handle?  

Do you desperately want to streamline your business processes so that you can free up your time and create a high quality standard for the way you handle things?   

SOLUTION:  I'll help you establish processes and systems for your business, and set up cloud-based applications and automation for everything that makes sense to systematize and automate.  Once the process, systems and automation have been set up, you will be provided with training.  On-going day-to-day support is also available.   

Investment:  Starts at $1,500 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months. 

For a no-hassle complimentary consultation, click the link below. 



Are you wearing all the hats in your business, and juggling so many balls that you’re bound to drop one (or two or three)?  

Do you desperately want to scale your business but you can’t seem to find the time to take on more clients because you’re too busy handling all the back-end administrative tasks that come along with running a business?

The Solution

I can help you determine the tasks you should outsource, create effective job descriptions based on your requirements, find, and screen candidates for your team.  You also have the option of using my network and team of VAs that I train and manage for you.   

Investment:  Starts at $1,500 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months. 

For a no-hassle complimentary consultation, click the link below. 


Creation / Innovation

Are you ready to scale, develop new programs, courses, products and services for your business but are overwhelmed by all the steps and technical know-how involved? 

Do you have a vision and know you can do more but just don’t know how or where to start? 

Ready to launch but can’t seem to jump start your engine?  

Say no more, this is what we specialize in.  Let’s do this!

The Solution

I can help you pinpoint opportunities for improvement and/or development of new revenue streams in your business.  This is the fun part (in my mind).  Here's where we'll work on website design (or re-design), online course creation, email marketing campaigns, client acquisition, retention and relationship management, social media marketing, launches of new services, products and/or events that will compliment your business and add to your profitability.  We'll partner together to develop a strategy that is best for your business and I'll handle putting all the pieces together and implement it for you.  

Investment:  Starts at $1,500 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months. 

For a no-hassle complimentary consultation, click the link below. 


Signature VIP Support Program

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Do you need help with everything? 

Ready to put all the puzzle pieces of the inner parts of your business together so that you can automate, outsource and scale quickly?  Look no further, we have VIP Support packages to provide you with comprehensive consulting and implementation on an on-going basis.  

The Solution

When you invest in the VIP support package, I will provide you with comprehensive support for optimal results in these areas:    

  • Business Processes, Systems, and Automation:  I will partner with you to determine the best processes, systems, cloud-based applications and automation for your business.  Once we've agreed on what's best for your business, I will handle the set up and train you (and your team).  I can also handle day-to-day management of the applications to support you.  This may include any of the following types of cloud-based software:  CRM (customer relationship management), CRM and email all-in-on solutions, project management software, accounting* and bookkeeping software, and other work-product, collaboration and communication tools.  *Please Note:  Accounting services are not provided; however, I can refer you to accountant, if needed.  
  • Delegation and Outsourcing:  I will partner with you to assess your support needs and create a plan of action for you.  I will help you find the best virtual support staff based on your current workload, budget and goals.  I can also train and manage, if needed. 
  • Creation and Innovation:  I will help you with the strategy to develop and market your next (or first) big thing.  I won't leave you hanging with just a plan.  I will also implement the plan for you and put all the technical pieces together so that you can focus on serving your clients.  This includes:  product launches, websites, online courses, membership sites, coaching programs, email marketing campaigns and events. 

VIP Investment:  Starts at $3,000 per month with a minimum commitment of 6 months.  

For a no-hassle complimentary consultation, click the link below.